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  Advances in Resources Research (ARR) is a peer-reviewed OA journal published by Resources Economics Research Board. The content of the articles in ARR is based on new results and shall not be published in other journals (except for the authors’ patents and preprints).
  ARR is published quarterly in an electronic journal. The full text of the article is available to anyone at J-STAGE for free.
  J-STAGE stores a full digital library including ARR with a dark archive by Portico. Therefore, when ARR is no longer available on J-STAGE, it can be published and used in Portico.
  ARR covers articles on natural resources and related fields, including:
  ・ Conventional oil and natural gas, coal
  ・ Unconventional oil and natural gas
  ・ New energy
  ・ Food resources
  ・ Water resources
  ・ Interdisciplinary research

  The types of manuscripts in ARR are classified as follows.
  (1) Original Paper
  An original academic study containing new facts or valuable conclusions.
  (2) Review Paper
  A newly written report on a particular subject, focusing on previously published papers, or a discussion of the authors’ findings or findings, including the authors’ opinion.

To further enhance the credibility of ARR publication, arrange and publish the ethical content of relevant parties in the “Posting Rules”, “Peer Review Guidelines”, and “Editorial Committee Regulations”.

  The contribution should include the authors’ full contribution to the progress and development of science and technology concerning natural resources. In addition, the submitted manuscript should not have obvious commercial intent.
  Authors must meet all of the conditions listed in the submission requirements when writing articles. One of the authors, who are responsible for responding to peer review and proofreading of papers until publication, is designated as the corresponding author.
  Authors cannot fragment data that can be published as a single paper into multiple studies. Relevant studies should be summarized in a single manuscript. When a series of results are submitted as a series of articles, each article is given an independent title, and the title that unifies the whole is given as a subtitle.
  The content of the article is based on new results and has not been published in another publication (except for the authors’ patent and preprint). Double posting by authors is not allowed.
  In the submitted manuscript, the source shall be specified to make it possible to refer to relevant past papers, and a full explanation of the novelty of such papers shall be included. Care must be taken not to infringe the copyrights of related articles.
  Criticism of existing papers is permitted only for academic advocacy. Criticism should not be made to personally attack authors of existing papers.
  The submitted manuscript must not contain falsification or falsification of data. And don't plagiarize ideas, methods, or results from other papers.
  Sufficient information shall be provided in the submitted manuscript to allow third parties to reproduce, verify and evaluate the research.
  Images of the document should accurately reflect the original data and should not be moved, deleted, added, or highlighted in specific areas. Images may also be processed digitally, but ARR editorial committee has the right, if necessary, to require the authors to submit the original image before processing.

  The reviewers shall immediately decline a review request if: (1) there is a potential conflict of interest; (2) it is a non-technical review manuscript; or (3) it appears impossible to complete the review within the deadline.
  The reviewers should conduct the review objectively and logically based on the quality and value of the refereed manuscript, with due respect for the authors’ intellectual independence.
  The reviewers shall not divulge the fact of the request to others. In addition, refereed manuscripts are treated as confidential and are not permitted to be shown or consulted by others. In addition, reviewers are prohibited from using unpublished material in peer-reviewed manuscripts.
  The reviewers state their peer-reviewed opinions clearly and logically. Peer review comments should not be personally critical of authors. Also, the review opinion should assert the reviewers’ subjective opinion and should not require any modification of the authors’ point of view.

Editorial Committee
  ARR editorial committee is independent of Resources Economics Research Board, and its structure and activities are subject to the “Editorial Committee Regulations”.
  ARR editorial committee must exercise fair control over the review process.
  ARR editorial committee selects reviewers according to the type and requirements of the submitted manuscript, and conducts an anonymous review. In doing so, ARR editorial committee shall select without bias the most suitable reviewers based on their field of expertise. Also, reviewers should not be people who may have a favorable or negative personal bias toward the authors or subject of the submission.
  ARR editorial committee shall not disclose to others any information relating to the peer review process or the manuscript submitted or the reviewers’ information.
  ARR editorial committee shall not take into account the authors’ race, religion, ethnicity, sex, age, nationality, occupation, affiliation, or political beliefs in determining the manuscript to be submitted.

  Manuscripts submitted to ARR will be peer-reviewed following these guidelines.
  The purpose of peer review is to objectively evaluate whether a submitted manuscript (articles and reviews) contributes to research in natural resources (energy, food, and water resources) and related fields and is worthwhile to be published in ARR, and to provide the editorial committee with materials for deciding whether or not to publish it. In addition, peer review exists to encourage the improvement of the submitted manuscript, not to exclude various opinions, and unify speech.
  Please refer to the “Peer Review Guidelines” for details.

  The copyright of articles published in ARR (including the right to use derivative works, such as electronic versions) belongs to the authors from the time the final manuscript is received. The authors retain publishing rights without restrictions.
  ARR is fully Open Access and uses Creative Commons (CC) licenses, which allow users to use, reuse and/or build upon the material published in the journal without charge or the need to ask prior permission from the publisher or author.
  ARR levies an APC (Article Processing Charge) of US$500 for each article accepted for publication. However, Invitation articles are exempt from APC.

  ・All manuscripts must be submitted via the journal’s online submission system.
  ・The online submission system: Article Submission Form
  ・Enter the type of article, title, authors’ name and affiliation, and the name and contact e-mail address of one author who corresponds with the editorial committee in the body of the e-mail.
  ・Attach a Word file that combines the cover page, abstract, keywords, text, references, and diagrams to the e-mail attachment.
  ・The name of the attached file must not exceed 25 single-byte alphanumeric characters.
  ・The propriety of acceptance shall be notified by reply e-mail. If you do not receive a reply within a week, please check your spam folder and contact the above address.
  ・The results of the review and comments to the authors will be sent from the editorial committee within two months of receipt of the review manuscript.

  Posting to ARR follows these guidelines.
  Please refer to the “Writing Guidelines” for details.

  Accepted manuscripts are edited by the ARR production team before publication. ARR is published continuously online. Communication concerning accepted manuscripts shall be addressed as the corresponding author.

  Proofreading is an e-mail to the corresponding author. The corresponding author will review it within 72 hours and email it back.
  Proofreading is done once at the first or second proof. In principle, correction of contents at the time of calibration is not permitted.

  Order forms for reprints are sent with the proofs to the corresponding authors and should be returned with the proofs.

  ARR recommends that authors submit their manuscripts to community-recognized preprint servers, which includes a preprint server run by JST (Japanese Science Technology), either before or in parallel with the submission.
  When submitting a preprinted paper, declare that the manuscript is a preprinted paper. After adoption, it is recommended that the URL of the ARR article be displayed in the preprinted article.

  The Editorial Office
  Manoir Nile 301, 3-2-28, Kita 18 West, Kita-ku, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido 001-0018, Japan
  E-mail: office(at)

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