Editorial Committee

Xiaozheng Liu (Doctor, Professor)

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Jin Yang (Doctor, Professor) 
JinChuan Zhang (Doctor, Professor)

Editorial Board Members (Rank in no particular order)
Shuangbiao Han (Doctor, Associate Professor)
Bing Hou (Doctor, Professor) 
Wensheng Zhang (Doctor, Professor)

Guest Editorial Board Members (Rank in no particular order)
Xiaoqiang Bian (Doctor, Professor)
Xuri Huang (Doctor, Professor)
Hu Jia (Doctor, Professor)
Hongxun Li (Professor)
Peiling Li (Doctor, Associate Professor)
Hongqi Liu (Doctor, Professor)
Mingming Liu (Doctor, Lecturer)
Xiaoping Luan (Professor)
Renshi Nie (Doctor, Associate Professor)
Shulin Pan (Doctor, Professor)
Shouqiang Sun (Associate Professor)
Xiangling Tang (Doctor, Associate Professor)
Liping Wan (Doctor, Associate researcher )
Chunhui Wang (Doctor, Professor)
Xinyu Wang (Doctor, Associate researcher )
Xiuhai Wang (Associate Professor)
Jianchun Xu (Doctor, Associate Professor)
Bo Yang (Doctor, Professor)
Renchao Yang (Doctor, Professor)
Zhenpeng Zhang (Doctor, Professor)
Xiaohong Zhao (Doctor, Associate Professor)
Wei Zhou (Doctor, Lecturer)
Jie Zou (Doctor, Researcher)
Chuanzhi Cui (Doctor, Professor)
Wei He (Doctor, Professor)
Wei Zhang (Doctor, Professor)

For all inquiries about the journal, please contact:
E-mail: office(at)rerbarr.com (Please change "(at)" into "@")
Address: Manoir Nile 301, 3-2-28, Kita 18 West, Kita-ku, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido 001-0018, Japan
Operating Agency Website: http://www.rerbarr.com

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