Advances in Resources Research
Advances in Resources Research

Advances in Resources Research (ARR) is a fully open access peer review e-journal (J-STAGE Open), published quarterly. ARR includes articles on energy sources, food resources, water resources, and relevant subjects. Welcomes review articles as well as original research articles. There is no restriction on the posting qualification. Anyone can contribute.  Read more >>>

Current Issue  2022 Volume 2 Issue 4

Review Paper [Energy Development]
Present situation and development trend of water drive development technology in the oil field: Take China as an example
Chunxiang Cao, Mingjie Lin
2022, 2(4), 99-119   DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.4_99
Review Paper [Agriculture and Food]
Research progress on the impact of climate change on wheat in China
Yan Fei, Shitong Jiang
2022, 2(4), 120-132   DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.4_120

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Published: October 4, 2022    DOI: 10.50908/grb.1.0_66
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Wenliang Lu
Published: September 28, 2022    DOI: 10.50908/grb.1.0_63

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Luying Liu
Published: October 22, 2022    DOI: 10.50908/rdj.1.0_38
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Lv Fan
Published: September 17, 2022    DOI: 10.50908/rdj.1.0_31
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Miyuki Yanagi
Published: August 20, 2022    DOI: 10.50908/rdj.1.0_24
Explanation of heavy oil development technology
Lumei Liu
Published: July 22, 2022    DOI: 10.50908/rdj.1.0_17

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