Types and Positioning of Articles in Academic Journals

The academic journal is a magazine that carries papers written mainly by researchers. The types of articles in academic journals vary depending on the academic field, and they are sometimes classified as follows.

(1) "Paper", also called an original paper, is an original academic work that contains new facts or valuable conclusions. Different academic journals can be labeled as "Full Paper", "Original Paper", "Research Paper", "Article", "Original Article", "Journal Article", "Research Article".

(2) "Review Paper" is a newly written report on a particular subject, focusing on previously published papers, or a review of the author's research results or findings, including the author's opinion. Also called "Review Article", and "Survey Article".

(3) "Research Note" is the result of piecemeal research, but it contains new facts and valuable data.

(4) "Letter" is shorter articles with less content than articles, but they focus on breaking the results of experiments and include new facts and valuable data.

(5) "Technical Report" is a compilation of experimental data or technical studies that have been independently obtained, even if they are not original.

(6) "Soliciting Contribution" is a commentary on problems in related research areas or analysis and explanation of information useful for research and application of research results.

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