Role of conference papers and journal papers

Although conference papers and journal papers are academic papers, their roles are different. Conference papers are the results of research presented at academic conferences and study groups. On the other hand, a journal article is a research result to be published in an academic journal and sent to the academic world. In addition, the criteria for peer review and the way of writing differ between conference papers and journal papers.

Typically, they present preliminary research results at a conference, inform relevant people, and receive feedback to improve their research methods and study results. After that, you can organize the papers you presented at the conference and submit them to the journal. However, to avoid double posting (double publishing), the following two improvements are necessary.

(1) Change the title. With the new title, the title of the journal article is different from the title of the conference paper in the minutes, and confusion to readers can be avoided.

(2) New content needs to be added or expanded. There is no problem with the act of double submission as long as the information at the conference is clear and at least 30% of the journal article is new.

Strictly speaking, the editorial policy may differ depending on the journal, so it is necessary to check the submission rules of the journal to which the information is submitted.

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