Recruitment of Papers on Energy Resources


 We accept papers on energy resources throughout the year. The manuscripts accepted through peer review will be published in Advances in Resources Research (ARR), which will be published by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)'s J-STAGE. Submission and publication of papers are free of charge.

Content of the Manuscript

Manuscripts may include but are not limited to, the following.
 ・ Development of unconventional oil and natural gas, offshore development, and resource recycling
 ・ Biomass, solar thermal, geothermal, wind, solar power
 ・ Energy-saving/high-efficiency energy utilization, high-efficiency clean thermal power generation, heat utilization technology
 ・ Energy storage, power storage systems, next-generation rechargeable batteries, fuel cells
 ・ Energy transportation/energy creation innovation, energy creation chemical process, hydrogen production, and supply system
 ・ Environmental innovation, air pollution control, exhaust gas treatment technology, the resource recycling process

Writing and Posting

 It is written by the rules and procedures for submission in ARR.
 There are six types of manuscripts: Original Paper, Review Paper, Research Note, Letter, Technical Report, and Soliciting Contribution.
 We accept submitted papers by electronic submission, so please send them to the following posting address.
 arr.journal(at) (Please change your email address (at) to @)

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