Conference Paper

A conference paper is an academic paper preached at academic conferences, which have the characteristics of a quick report. Conference paper must be original and not publicly published in any publications or conferences. A conference paper is collected and published by conference organizers. Conference papers and journal papers belong to publicly published academic papers. Some conference paper is collected by scientific citation index (SCI), engineering index (EI) and another literature search.

The process of publishing a conference paper is simpler than that of a periodical paper. At each academic conference, there will be a corresponding editorial team to review the manuscript and decide whether to accept the manuscript or not according to certain evaluation criteria. The cycle from acceptance to the publication of a conference paper is often shorter than that of a periodical paper. At the same time, participating in academic conferences is also a good opportunity for communication, which can promote exchanges and cooperation with peers.

A conference paper is similar to a periodical paper in structure, including title, abstract, preface, thesis, conclusion, and so on. Attention should be paid to the following points in the writing of the conference paper. The main contents are as follows:

(1) The article should have pictures or tables as far as possible, and it should not be explained simply by theory.

(2) The article should be written in the direction or research type of engineering technology as far as possible, especially the natural science articles should be integrated into some engineering and technical elements as far as possible.

(3) The article tries to have experimental results and investigation results. Because this is very important evidence to prove the innovation of the article, and it is also a very important link to convince reviewers.

(4)Control the length of articles, usually about 4000-6000 words in Chinese for a conference paper.

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