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2022 Volume 2 Issue 4  J-STAGE Open
Review Paper [Energy Development]
Present situation and development trend of water drive development technology in the oil field: Take China as an example
Chunxiang Cao, Mingjie Lin
2022, 2(4), 99-119   DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.4_99
Review Paper [Agriculture and Food]
Research progress on the impact of climate change on wheat in China
Yan Fei, Shitong Jiang
2022, 2(4), 120-132   DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.4_120
2022 Volume 2 Issue 3  J-STAGE Open
Review Paper [Energy Development]
Discussion on main controlling factors of shale oil enrichment and recoverability in Biyang Sag of Nanxiang Basin
Zhiye Xi
2022, 2(3), 77-86   DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.3_77
Review Paper [Water Resources and Ecology]
Research progress on the evolution characteristics of wetlands in the Yellow River Delta
Mei Lu, Ying Jiang
2022, 2(3), 87-98   DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.3_87

2022 Volume 2 Issue 2  J-STAGE Open
Original Paper [Energy Development]
Analysis on geological characteristics and resources potential of the Middle-Upper Proterozoic shale oil and gas: Taking North Hebei Depression in Yanshan area as an example
Xudong Hou, Jinchuan Zhang, Zhen Li, Zhongzheng Tong, Jia Tao, Haicheng Yu, Qingxi Zhang
2022, 2(2), 41-54   DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.2_41
Original Paper [Energy Development]
In-situ stress characteristics and their influence on fracture height of Shaanbei Chang 7 shale oil in Ordos Basin
Xiaoxuan Kou, Luo Zuo, Yu Zhang, Bing Hou, Li Zhuang
2022, 2(2), 55-66   DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.2_55
Review Paper [Agriculture and Food]
Advances in impacts of climate change on rice in China
Yangzi Liu
2022, 2(2), 67-76   DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.2_67

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